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"fun being at chokhi dhani sonipat .... really very beautiful place!!!!"
seysha , New Delhi
"Heyyy all have to must go. I went on 5th October 2014 with my luv one.. I really enjoyed this place."
Arohi, Delhi
"A perfect outing for all age groups "
vinay prakash singh, noida
"Very nice place"
Lsraisingh, Delhi
"I wish every domestic of foreign tourist must visit CHOKHI DHANI of Sonipat (Haryana). I have admired the concept of traditional Rajasthan village feeling, right from creative imaginative folk, cultural atmosphere, courteous and well-behaved staff, right from top to attendants. And at last the century old tradition Rajasthan food and service made every visitor relaxed. Finally, everything in Choki Dhani made me relaxed and proud being Indian."
Shanker Suhail, Chairman, Minister of State, Lucknow, New Delhi
"A good place to visit..."
minal, delhi
"But a smiling visitor here to share the love , btw outstanding layout. gcekegaecgkecbea"
"Very good place for family get to gether"
navneet tyagi, delhi
"A very heart touchable real village life seen in my life. A full family entertainment place."
Navya, faridabad
"its amazon, really unique place to enjoy life with family."
Dinesh, Faridabad
fun being at chokhi dhani sonipat .... really very beautiful place!!!!...
seysha , New Delhi