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Live Entertainment

family entertainment, restaurant with live entertainment, best live entertainment, live entertainment venues, live media entertainment Live dance and enthralling performances all through the evenings is one of the major attractions at Chokhi Dhani Village. These live shows capture the interest and make you spellbound.

Folk Dance and Music Show - Chaupal Naach Gaan Re
There are many folk dances in Rajasthan and all are performed here on different occasions. Like Ghoomar, Potter Dance, Kalbeliya - the Snake Dance, Bhopa-Bhopi Dance, etc. Kalbeliya dance of Rajasthan is famous all over the world for its high beat passionate music and fascinating all-round fast body movements. Traditional snake charmers, the folk dancers sway to the lilt of the "Been" and beat of the drum. Their graceful and sinuous dance movements captivate all visitors.

In Bhopa-Bhopi dance artiste tells some old folk stories of Indian Folk God or king in sort of song and they dance on it. Ghoomar is the magical dance performance of Rajasthan which makes the foot tap to the tune of desert. In Potter Dance artiste dances with 7 to 11 pots on her head or in some shows they dance with taking lighted pot on their heads.

corporate event entertainment, corporate entertainment, corporate party entertainment, dinner party entertainment, restaurants with live entertainment Acrobatics on a Bamboo- Nat Ro Kartab
See this gutsy feat live. The brave artiste balances himself on a bamboo without the protection of a safety net beneath.

The Puppet Show - Kathputli Ro Naach
The colorful Puppet Show transports you into the world of valiant Kings, beautiful princesses and all powerful magicians. The puppeteer makes episodes and scenes from their lives come alive to give you a glimpse of their lifestyle.

The Magic Show - Jaadu Ro Khel
The magician perform his entrancing show with some hand tricks and hypnotism and puzzle your mind.

Very nice place...
Lsraisingh, Delhi
Recently Visited with my friends. It was amazing and wonderful place where u can...