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Fun Zone

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Ride on the luxuries of the bygone era - be it Camel, a Bullock cart or a horse drawn Tonga. Experience the excitement and fun of riding on some of the earliest modes of the transportation humans developed in this part of the World. Have a round of whole village in style, savoring the sights and sounds at a leisurely pace. It is hard to resist taking a ride on all or any one of these.

Bullock Cart Ride
Developed in ancient Indus Valley civilization, this is known to be one of first and the oldest vehicle on wheels still existing. It is still used in rural India on regular basis and forms the basic mode of transportation in remote villages.

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The Tonga entered Indian culture in mid 18th century through the traders of East India Company. Built initially for their own luxury, it later became part of the common man's life. It is still used for joy rides in many Indian cities.

Mehendi (Henna)
Mehendi is special henna coloring applied in intricate, beautiful patterns on the hands. It cools mind and body. In India it is symbolize as good faith and used in all religious occasions of Hindus.

Skill Games
Enjoy trying your hand at the many skill games available like dart game & aiming, shooting games and much more. Chokhi Dhani village is not just a favorite among adults, but also children. There are children play areas with slides and other junior activities to keep them entertained and happy.

very nice place must go with family ...
Anand Prakash, delhi
Its a place where u r too yourself, with fresh air, ambiance and specially the d...
Prerna Arora, Delhi